This Substack is My Notebook

Everything I publish here is a refined version of my notes created in my pursuit of improving, and hopefully automating, my trading. I am not an expert in any of the subjects that I am writing about. Many of the articles will be continuously updated as I obtain new information and continue learning. You can think of it as an ever-growing knowledge base.

I am always open to comments and critiques. The purpose here is to learn and to help others learn in the process. I find many of the subjects that I want to write about aren't easily found on the internet or very "beginner" friendly. There can also be some high costs associated with learning some of these things. I want to try and help close that gap by providing everything I learn along the way here.

A large portion of my focus here will revolve around the pursuit of trade automation. This includes topics such as strategy development practices, optimization practices, trade management automation, and the list goes on.

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This Substack is a refined version of my notes taken while exploring how to be self-sustainable in the markets. I am attempting to understand, and hopefully deploy, automatic/hybrid trading systems. Tutorials, concepts, strategy exploration, and more.


I'm a trader, a father, and a husband. Before I was a trader, I was a damn good (self-proclaimed) paramedic. I dabble in programming Automated Trade Systems and I dig text manipulation tools, the terminal, and Linux.